Jan 02, 2024

North Platte 80s release their inaugural 2024 schedule

Posted Jan 02, 2024 4:36 PM

Story by North Platte 80's Communication

The North Platte 80s will play in the Mountain Division of the Pecos LeagueIn 2024 the Mountain Division will consist of these teams.

  1. Alpine Cowboys
  2. Austin Weirdos
  3. Blackwell Flycatchers
  4. Garden City Wind
  5. North Platte 80s
  6. Pecos Bills
  7. Roswell Invaders
  8. Santa Fe Fuego
  9. Trinidad Triggers
  10. Tucson Saguaros

These ten teams will play their entire season within the division.Six teams from the Mountain Division will qualify for the playoffs.The winner of the Pacific Division Playoffs will meet the winner of the Mountain Division Playoffs for a three game Pecos League Championship Series.The 80s will play their inaugural game at home against the Tucson Saguaros on May 28, 2024.The Pecos League Mountain Division All Star Game will be July 14th at Santa Fe.Below is a breakdown of the North Platte 80s Schedule.

  1. Total Games: 54
  2. Total Home Games: 25
  3. Total Away Games: 29
  4. Roswell Invaders away Games: 3
  5. Austin Weirdos home Games: 6
  6. Tucson Saguaros home Games: 2
  7. Blackwell Flycatchers home Games: 5
  8. Blackwell Flycatchers away Games: 8
  9. Santa Fe Fuego home Games: 2
  10. Santa Fe Fuego away Games: 2
  11. Trinidad Triggers home Games: 3
  12. Trinidad Triggers Away Games: 8
  13. Garden City Wind home Games: 7
  14. Garden City Wind Away Games: 8