Oct 01, 2019 1:00 PM

Local XC Results: UNK invite

Posted Oct 01, 2019 1:00 PM

Yesterday was the big Cross Country UNK invite. All the area schools participated in the event.

You can see the full results at this link here.

For Class A, North Platte High School had a good showing with the boys finishing 8th place overall and the girls finishing in 12th place. Evan Caudy was the best finish for the boys in 5th place individually. Zarah Blaesi was the top Bulldog lady in 25th place.

The North Platte St. Pats Irish had a great day with the boys coming in 17th place overall and the Girls taking the number one spot in all Class D. Logan O'Malley was the top boys finisher in 35th place. Kate Stienke was 5th place overall for the top Irish girl.

Other area schools finishes:


Boys 5th overall Class D - 24th Gabe Becher top finish

Girls 23rd overall Class D - 22nd Varsha Huebner top finish


Boys N/A Finish Class D - 244th Josh Ragland top finish

Girls 18th overall Class D - 30 Tahjzha Botts top finish


Boys 26th overall Class D - 33rd Jade Paxton top finish

Girls 20th overall Class D - 53rd Cydnie Wilson top finish


Boys 28th overall Class D - 85th Cooper Franzen top finish

Girls N/A Finish Class D - 40th Ava McGown top finish


Boys 21st overall Class C - 3rd William Anderson top finish

Girls 17th overall Class C - 34th Arissa Ackerman top finish

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