Oct 15, 2019 12:16 PM

NPCC Mens Basketball expectations high as Media day arrives

Posted Oct 15, 2019 12:16 PM

When I step into a basketball gym, I feel home. To me there is no place more special then the hardwood. I love it, I love all of it. The squeak of the shoes on the floor, that particular smell of sweat, music blaring from the locker room a bizarre mix of Rap, hip hop and classic rock that somehow always seems to work together. Although my playing days are over, I still get a little giddy when the season gets close to starting.

For me as a broadcaster, Media day is when those butterflies return. I get the pleasure to talk with some of the team, catch up with coaches and managers and start to get a feel for how the season will go.

This year is different however, the Knights still have that passion and were having fun, but underneath it all there was a hard focus, a determination, a set of expectations.

Last year the Knights had one of the best seasons in recent history. 24-5 record, winning streaks of 10 games and 6 games, and a trip to the semi finals of the region IX tournament.

None of that matters now, and yet all of that matters. The team, with 7 returning players is hungry for more. Gary White III talks here about the offseason and what they want going forward:

The team has already had some opportunities to play on the court together getting time at one of the largest JUCO jamboree's in the nation. Courtney Murrell, the starting point guard said he wasnt worried about the team this year, chemistry is already great:

We also had a chance to talk with another local player, Luke Christian who got the chance to start late in the season last year and was one of Coach O'Connors go to players in the clutch when the team needed a defensive stand:

All three players talked about expectations, taking it one day at a time and hard work. All things you want to hear from some of the leaders on the team and you could tell they meant every word they said.

But the driving force of the team remains one Kevin O'Connor who, like his team, is hungry for more after a successful 2018-19 season. He had a lot to say about the upcoming season:

The butterflies are here, that must mean its basketball season!

You can listen to Knights games all season long on FM 98.1 (1410 AM) or streaming here on the post!