Oct 18, 2019 12:42 PM

Great day for North Platte XC as both schools send runners onto state

Posted Oct 18, 2019 12:42 PM

It was a fair weather fall day on October 17th, 2019. A great day to run if you were a high school runner in North Platte.

Both North Platte High School and North Platte St. Pats were competing in their district meets on the 17th, and both teams continued their impressive showings this season.

For the Bulldogs Zarah Blaesi finished 7th individually for the girls. On the boys side was Evan Caudy with 3rd place and Joel Bradley finished 8th. Those three qualify for state as individual runners.

On the Team side of things the Bulldog boys finished runner-up in the A1 district which punched their team ticket to state!

Head Coach Hasenauer had this to say about the team:

"On paper we were seeded 5th going into district. We talked all week about the importance of competing as a team and leaving the course knowing we gave our very best. I told the boys yesterday, that paper rankings mean very little. We hadn’t faced several of these teams this year, so we discussed rising up and giving our very best. Before the race I told the boys that no team is as tough as the North Platte Bulldogs and I firmly believe that today. I’m very proud of both teams and their efforts. The work these kids have put in, in the summer and all fall is what led to today."

"We are grateful for all the support! This is a special team and they have amazing character, a will to succeed, and are more than just a team, they’re a family." 

Not to be outdone the Irish had a great day as well. The North Platte St Pats Girls Cross Country team won the D6 District Championship and the boys finished in second giving each a qualifying spot for the State Championships next Friday. The D6 meet was held in Bridgeport at Courthouse and Jailrock golf course. Twenty-six schools were represented, athletes ran the 3.1 mile course in fair weather conditions. Girl medalist for the Irish were Sophmore Kate Steinike finishing 2nd, Junior Genna Blakely 3rd, and Sophmore Hayley Miles in 5th.

The boys qualified for State for the first time since 2012 with a runner up plaque. St. Pat's boy medalist were Junior Logan O'Malley finishing fourth and freshman Dax Connick finishing 13th. The Irish team will compete next Friday at UNK.

Here are the results for NPHS Bulldogs:


7th Blaesi, Zarah - 20:26.13

36th Evarts, Baylee - 22:55.40

40th Arnold, Jenessa - 23:09.52

44th Ditch, Malorie - 23:52.98

47th Ditch, Ashlynn - 24:41.14

51st Evans, Emily - 25:35.78

 -- Hoatson, Alexis - DNF

Results - Women

1 Lincoln East 19pts

 Total Time: 1:38:15.72

 Average: 19:39.15

2 Lincoln Pius X 68pts

 Total Time: 1:43:51.17

 Average: 20:46.24

3 Millard North High 85pts

 Total Time: 1:45:30.76

 Average: 21:06.16

4 Lincoln High 125pts

 Total Time: 1:49:14.76

 Average: 21:50.96

5 Papillion-LaVista 128pts

 Total Time: 1:49:12.65

 Average: 21:50.53

6 Gretna High School 128pts

 Total Time: 1:49:46.76

 Average: 21:57.36


7 North Platte 171pts

 Total Time: 1:55:05.17

 Average: 23:01.04

 8 Omaha Northwest 249pts

 Total Time: 2:17:31.59

 Average: 27:30.32


3rd Caudy, Evan - 16:46.56

8th Bradley, Joel - 17:12.79

18th Moss, Thomas - 18:09.50

21st Kleinow, Tayler - 18:17.09

28th San Miguel, Jonah - 18:26.66

36th Franz, Aaron - 18:45.49

40th Jared, Kean - 18:59.30

Results - Men

1 Lincoln Southwest 21pts

 Total Time: 1:24:22.84

 Average: 16:52.57

2 North Platte 78pts

 Total Time: 1:28:52.60

 Average: 17:46.52

3 Omaha South H.S. 79pts 

 Total Time: 1:28:57.01

 Average: 17:47.41

4 Papillion-LV 91pts

 Total Time: 1:29:39.87

 Average: 17:55.98

5 Norfolk 125pts

 Total Time: 1:31:19.88

 Average: 18:15.98

6 Lincoln Southeast 139pts

 Total Time: 1:32:28.68

 Average: 18:29.74

7 Lincoln High 162pts 

 Total Time: 1:32:58.59

 Average: 18:35.72


8 Omaha Northwest 254pts

 Total Time: 1:46:42.84

 Average: 21:20.57

And the results for the Irish from North Platte St. Pats:


2nd   Kate Stienike - 21:12

3rd    Genna Blakely - 21:50

5th    Hayley Miles - 22:07

29th  Ashley Dye - 25:18

31st   Madi Gifford - 25:25

33rd Julie Slattery - 25:52

Results - Women

1st St Patrick 24pts

2nd Bayard 38pts

3rd Bridgeport 40pts

4th Morrill 65pts

5th Sutherland Public 84pts

6th Hershey 108pts

7th Kimball 111pts

8th Dundy County Stratton 144pts


4th Logan O'Malley - 18:45

13th Dax Connick - 19:13.1

16th Andrew Brosius - 19:30

26th Samuel Dekleva - 20:08

52nd Keegan Nitsch - 21:47

85th Casey Jett - 26:08

Results - Men

1st Hershey 30pts

2nd St Patrick 38pts

3rd Perkins County 66pts

4th Gordon-Rushville 77pts

5th Bayard 85pts

6th Hemingford 90pts

7th Paxton 114pts

8th Kimball 133pts

9th Sutherland Public 150pts

10th Bridgeport 155pts

11th Hitchcock County 180pts

12th Minatare 236pts