Mar 05, 2020 12:01 PM

Sirles to Join HSN and Lauren (Cook) West Expands Role

Posted Mar 05, 2020 12:01 PM

Story by NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Athletics and the Husker Sports Network are excited to announce the addition of Jeremiah Sirles and an expanded role for Lauren (Cook) West on the broadcast team. Sirles, an offensive lineman for the Huskers from 2009 to 2013, retired from the NFL earlier this week after playing for the San Diego Chargers, Minnesota Vikings, Carolina Panthers and Buffalo Bills. West, an All-American setter for the Huskers from 2010 to 2012, has provided color commentary for Nebraska Volleyball radio broadcasts for three seasons and will be taking on an expanded role with the Husker Sports Network as she enters her fourth season.

Sirles will host the live-stream pregame show "Countdown Live" which can be seen on Facebook, and Twitch prior to each Nebraska Football game for the 2020 season. The live-stream began during the 2019 season to gave fans a live look inside the stadium and had over 750,000 views. Sirles will also host a new HSN podcast series, "Life-N-Football", featuring in-depth conversations with former Husker athletes. New episodes will release monthly starting in July, with the first episode featuring Ameer Abdullah. In addition to these duties, Sirles will be featured on future social media content series and will make appearances on Sports Nightly with hosts Greg Sharpe and Ben McLaughlin.

West will continue her role with Husker Sports Network as the color commentator for Nebraska Volleyball during the 2020 season. West will also serve as host of the social media content series "Player Spotlight", which will let fans get to know current Nebraska student-athletes and will be featured on sport-specific social channels throughout the year. West will continue hosting the monthly HSN podcast series "Conversation with the Cooks" with her father, Head Volleyball Coach John Cook. In addition to these duties, West will be featured on future social media content series and make appearances on Sports Nightly throughout the year.

Fans can stay up to date with Jeremiah and Lauren's projects with the Husker Sports Network by following @HuskerSports on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as subscribing to Husker Sports on any podcast service or at

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Mar 05, 2020 12:01 PM
2020 State Wrestling (Archive)

Make sure you check this page regularly for updates on your area wrestlers. 

Schools are listed in alphabetical order: 


D132 - Jeremy Larson - 2nd Place Finish--Champ. Round 1: Jeremy Larson (Brady) over Carson Mason (South Loup)  •  Fall 0:33--Quarterfinal: Jeremy Larson (Brady) over Art Escalante (Winside)  •  Fall 1:58--Semifinal: Jeremy Larson (Brady) over Nolan Blevins (Weeping Water)  •  Fall 5:33--1st Place Match: Ruger Reimers (Palmer) over Jeremy Larson (Brady)  •  Dec 1-0

D220 - Kaden Dady - Eliminated Cons. Round 1--Champ. Round 1: Clayton Hassett (Mullen) over Kaden Dady (Brady)  •  Fall 2:49--Cons. Round 1: Tanner Kiefer (Cedar Bluffs) over Kaden Dady (Brady)  •  Fall 2:58


B126 - Isaac White - Eliminated Cons. Round 2--Champ. Round 1: Isaac White (Cozad) over Lucien Engel (Col. Lakeview)  •  Dec 4-2--Quarterfinal: Michael Mass (Ralston) over Isaac White (Cozad)  •  Dec 9-6 --Cons. Round 2: Hunter Heath (Minden) over Isaac White (Cozad)  •  Dec 4-2

B138 - Brecken Loftin - Eliminated Cons. Round 2--Champ. Round 1: Trevor Kluck (Aurora) over Brecken Loftin (Cozad)  •  Fall 1:52--Cons. Round 1: Brecken Loftin (Cozad) over Sam Wooten (Mount Michael)  •  Fall 0:58--Cons. Round 2: Joel Lemburg (Col. Lakeview) over Brecken Loftin (Cozad)  •  Fall 1:57

B220 - Cade Stott - Eliminated Cons. Round 1--Champ. Round 1: Austin Rollman (Col. Lakeview) over Cade Stott (Cozad)  •  Dec 2-1--Cons. Round 1: Dylan Kuehler (Pierce) over Cade Stott (Cozad)  •  Dec 7-2


B132 - Abe Mendez - Eliminated Cons round 1--Champ. Round 1: Bryce Brown (Hastings) over Abe Mendez (Gothenburg)  •  MD 16-2--Cons. Round 1: Brady Isley (Northwest) over Abe Mendez (Gothenburg)  •  Fall 3:29

B160 - Riley Baker - Eliminated Cons. Round 1--Champ. Round 1: Chance Sjulin (Nebraska City) over Riley Baker (Gothenburg)  •  Dec 7-6--Cons. Round 1: Zander Schweitzer (Pierce) over Riley Baker (Gothenburg)  •  Fall 3:53

B170 - Isaiah Young - Eliminated Cons. Round 2--Champ. Round 1: Isaiah Young (Gothenburg) over Mack Owens (Aurora)  •  Fall 2:22--Quarterfinal: Evan Canoyer (Waverly) over Isaiah Young (Gothenburg)  •  TF-1.5 5:07 (17-1)--Cons. Round 2: Reid Korth (Wayne) over Isaiah Young (Gothenburg)  •  Fall 4:51

B182 - Trenton Peterson - Eliminated Cons. Round 1--Champ. Round 1: Damen Pape (Hastings) over Trenton Peterson (Gothenburg)  •  Fall 0:33--Cons. Round 1: Victor Isele (Northwest) over Trenton Peterson (Gothenburg)  •  Dec 8-4

B285 - Ethan Libich - Eliminated Cons. Round 1--Champ. Round 1: Remington Gay (Arlington) over Ethan Libich (Gothenburg)  •  Fall 1:23--Cons. Round 1: Aaron Jividen (Aurora) over Ethan Libich (Gothenburg)  •  Fall 3:50


C113 - Gage Musser - Eliminated in Cons. Round 2--Champ. Round 1: Konner Schluckebier (Milford) over Gage Musser (Hershey)  •  Fall 2:35--Cons. Round 1: Gage Musser (Hershey) over Isaac Wegrzyn (Linc. Christian)  •  Fall 3:22--Cons. Round 2: Lance Olberding (Fort Calhoun) over Gage Musser (Hershey)  •  Dec 10-8

C120 - Matt Bruns - Eliminated in Cons. Round 2--Champ. Round 1: Matt Bruns (Hershey) over Trev Arlt (Yutan)  •  Dec 3-0 --Quarterfinal: Mitch Albrecht (Raymond Central) over Matt Bruns (Hershey)  •  Fall 0:58--Cons. Round 2: Kaleb Baker (St. Paul) over Matt Bruns (Hershey)  •  Dec 5-4


B106 - Daven Naylor - Eliminated Cons. Round 2--Champ. Round 1: Daven Naylor (Lexington) over Ivan Perez (Schuyler)  •  Fall 3:40--Quarterfinal: Zachary Ourada (Omaha Skutt) over Daven Naylor (Lexington)  •  TF-1.5 2:36 (15-0)--Cons. Round 2: Blaine Christo (Ash-Greenwood) over Daven Naylor (Lexington)  •  Fall 1:58

B113 - Ivan Lazo - 4th place Finish--Champ. Round 1: Ivan Lazo (Lexington) over Brock Bolling (Pierce)  •  Dec 6-1--Quarterfinal: Ivan Lazo (Lexington) over AJ Parrish (Bennington)  •  Dec 4-1--Semifinal: Braiden Kort (Adams Central) over Ivan Lazo (Lexington)  •  Dec 7-5--Cons. Semi: Ivan Lazo (Lexington) over Brock Bolling (Pierce)  •  Dec 6-1--3rd Place Match: Ashton Dane (Plainview) over Tristin Grooms (Mullen)  •  Dec 3-1

B120 - Ean Bailey - Eliminated in Cons. Round 3--Champ. Round 1: Ean Bailey (Lexington) over Drew Cooper (Omaha Skutt)  •  MD 15-6 --Quarterfinal: Ty Rainforth (O`Neill) over Ean Bailey (Lexington)  •  Dec 4-2--Cons. Round 2: Ean Bailey (Lexington) over Jayden Coulter (Pierce)  •  SV-1 4-2--Cons. Round 3: Malachi Bordovsky (Wahoo) over Ean Bailey (Lexington)  •  Dec 8-4

B126 - Dylan Hubbard - Eliminated Cons. Round 1 --Champ. Round 1: Dominic Cherek (Plattsmouth) over Dylan Hubbard (Lexington)  •  Dec 11-7--Cons. Round 1: Trae Greve (Waverly) over Dylan Hubbard (Lexington)  •  Dec 10-5

B145 - Brady Fago - State Champion--Champ. Round 1: Brady Fago (Lexington) over Nicholas Asche (Omaha Concordia)  •  Dec 6-0 --Quarterfinal:Brady Fago (Lexington) over Noah Talmadge (Ralston)  •  Dec 1-0--Semifinal: Brady Fago (Lexington) over Treven Melroy (Holdrege)  •  Dec 6-1--1st Place Match: Brady Fago (Lexington) over Sean Martin (Seward)  •  Dec 9-4

B182 - Efrin Aguirre - Eliminated Cons. Round 2--Champ. Round 1: Braden Hanson (Blair) over Efrin Aguirre (Lexington)  •  Fall 1:45--Cons. Round 1: Efrin Aguirre (Lexington) over Dakota Spann (Wayne)  •  Fall 1:50--Cons. Round 2: Jay Ballard (Boys Town) over Efrin Aguirre (Lexington)  •  Fall 1:15

B195 - Ismael Ayala - Eliminated in Cons. Round 1--Champ. Round 1: Kole Bordovsky (Wahoo) over Ismael Ayala (Lexington)  •  Fall 2:45--Cons. Round 1: Jacob Diaz (York) over Ismael Ayala (Lexington)  •  Fall 0:44

B220 - James Hernandez - Eliminated in Cons. Round 3--Champ. Round 1: James Hernandez (Lexington) over Jacob Ludwig (Ash-Greenwood)  •  Fall 2:35 --Quarterfinal: Brayan Rodriguez (York) over James Hernandez (Lexington)  •  Fall 1:36--Cons. Round 2: James Hernandez (Lexington) over Nathan Hofrock (Sidney)  •  SV-1 4-2--Cons. Round 3: Dylan Meyer (Norris) over James Hernandez (Lexington)  •  Dec 4-3


D106 - Ethan Norton - Eliminated in Cons. Round 2--Champ. Round 1: Ashton Dane (Plainview) over Ethan Norton (Maxwell)  •  Fall 0:28--Cons. Round 1: Ethan Norton (Maxwell) over Matthew Johnson (Kimball)  •  Fall 1:42--Cons. Round 2: Dutch Yates (Garden County) over Ethan Norton (Maxwell)  •  Fall 2:16

D106 - Wyatt Heessel - Eliminated in Cons. Round 1--Champ. Round 1: Hunter Bennett (Elkhorn Valley) over Wyatt Heessel (Maxwell)  •  Fall 1:53--Cons. Round 1: Carter Brandyberry (Alma) over Wyatt Heessel (Maxwell)  •  Fall 3:37

D126 - Jacob Gholson - Eliminated in Cons. Round 1--Champ. Round 1: Gaven Schernikau (Centennial) over Jacob Gholson (Maxwell)  •  Fall 0:50--Cons. Round 1: Brenton Abbott (Leyton) over Jacob Gholson (Maxwell)  •  Fall 3:18

D160 - Derek Gibson - 6th Place Finish--Champ. Round 1: Derek Gibson (Maxwell) over Matt Christensen (Plainview)  •  Fall 2:35--Quarterfinal: Reece Zutavern (Sand H./Thedford) over Derek Gibson (Maxwell)  •  Dec 8-7--Cons. Round 2: Derek Gibson (Maxwell) over Sam Vortherms (Creighton)  •  Fall 2:39--Cons. Round 3: Derek Gibson (Maxwell) over Chet Wichmann (Palmer)  •  Dec 7-3--5th Place Match: Tyler Coleman (Hemingford) over Derek Gibson (Maxwell)  •  MD 12-4

D195 - Kayden Stubbs - 6th Place Finish--Champ. Round 1: Ty Kvanvig (Mullen) over Kayden Stubbs (Maxwell)  •  Dec 8-3--Cons. Round 1: Kayden Stubbs (Maxwell) over Gavyn Clause (Elkhorn Valley)  •  Dec 4-1--Cons. Round 2: Kayden Stubbs (Maxwell) over Reed Mcfadden (Sandhills/Thedford)  •  Dec 9-2--Cons. Round 3: Kayden Stubbs (Maxwell) over Colton Thiele (Summerland)  •  Dec 5-4--Cons. Semi: Ty Kvanvig (Mullen) over Kayden Stubbs (Maxwell)  •  Fall 0:33--5th Place Match: James Hargett (Southern Valley) over Kayden Stubbs (Maxwell)  •  Dec 3-2

D220 - Luke Howitt - 2nd Place Finish--Champ. Round 1: Luke Howitt (Maxwell) over Mitchell Peatrowski (Guardian Angels CC)  •  Fall 4:30--Quarterfinal:Luke Howitt (Maxwell) over Remington Hodges (Hitchcock County)  •  Dec 3-1--Semifinal: Luke Howitt (Maxwell) over Carter Throener (Howells-Dodge)  •  Fall 0:35--1st Place Match: Clayton Hassett (Mullen) over Luke Howitt (Maxwell)  •  SV-1 5-3


D106 - Tristin Grooms - 4th Place Finish--Champ. Round 1: Tristin Grooms (Mullen) over Carter Brandyberry (Alma)  •  Fall 2:30--Quarterfinal: Hunter Bennett (Elkhorn Valley) over Tristin Grooms (Mullen)  •  Fall 5:51--Cons. Round 2: Tristin Grooms (Mullen) over Alex Spotanski (Shelton)  •  Fall 0:39--Cons. Round 3: Tristin Grooms (Mullen) over Lane Bohac (East Butler)  •  Dec 3-2--Cons. Semi: Tristin Grooms (Mullen) over Nolan Osborn (Twin Loup)  •  Fall 2:45--3rd Place Match: Ashton Dane (Plainview) over Tristin Grooms (Mullen)  •  Dec 3-1

D113 - Eli Paxton - 2nd Place Finish--Champ. Round 1: Eli Paxton (Mullen) over Aiden Piel (Rd Cloud/Bl Hill)  •  Dec 11-9--Quarterfinal: Eli Paxton (Mullen) over Brayden Brecka (East Butler)  •  Fall 2:25--Semifinal: Eli Paxton (Mullen) over Jesse Sauceda (Shelton)  •  Fall 4:52--1st Place Match: Scout Ashburn (Plainview) over Eli Paxton (Mullen)  •  MD 9-1

D120 - Teven Marshall - State Champion--Champ. Round 1: Teven Marshall (Mullen) over Tristan White (Arapahoe)  •  Dec 7-2--Quarterfinal: Teven Marshall (Mullen) over Koby Smith (Elm Creek)  •  Fall 5:51--Semifinal: Teven Marshall (Mullen) over Tate Phillipps (Burwell)  •  Dec 7-4--1st Place Match: Teven Marshall (Mullen) over Cyrus Wells (Anselmo-Merna)  •  Dec 6-5

D126 -Kyle Durfee - Eliminated in Cons. Round 1--Champ. Round 1: Lane Barton (Meridian) over Kyle Durfee (Mullen)  •  Dec 3-2--Cons. Round 1: Doug Rainey (Southern) over Kyle Durfee (Mullen)  •  SV-1 6-4

D145 - Spencer DeNaeyer - Eliminated in Cons. Round 1--Champ. Round 1: Roy Guzman (Palmer) over Spencer Denaeyer (Mullen)  •  M. For.--Cons. Round 1: Cody Hanvey (Creighton) over Spencer Denaeyer (Mullen)  •  For.

D160 - Kendal Neal - Eliminated Cons. Round 2--Champ. Round 1: Chet Wichmann (Palmer) over Kendal Neal (Mullen)  •  Dec 4-3--Cons. Round 1: Kendal Neal (Mullen) over Josh Paisley (Cambridge)  •  MD 18-5--Cons. Round 2: Tyler Coleman (Hemingford) over Kendal Neal (Mullen)  •  Dec 8-2

D182 - Riley Kessler- Eliminated in Cons. Round 3--Champ. Round 1: Riley Kessler (Mullen) over Trevor Schumacher (Howells-Dodge)  •  Dec 6-0 --Quarterfinal:Corey Dawe (Burwell) over Riley Kessler (Mullen)  •  MD 15-4--Cons. Round 2: Riley Kessler (Mullen) over Bobby Evans (Cambridge)  •  Dec 6-0--Cons. Round 3: Cash Meier (Guardian Angels Central C) over Riley Kessler (Mullen)  •  Fall 3:34

D195 - Ty Kvanvig - 4th Place Finish--Champ. Round 1: Ty Kvanvig (Mullen) over Kayden Stubbs (Maxwell)  •  Dec 8-3 --Quarterfinal:Ty Kvanvig (Mullen) over Jestin Bayer (Howells-Dodge)  •  Fall 1:38--Semifinal: Kaleb Pofahl (Neligh-Oakdale) over Ty Kvanvig (Mullen)  •  Fall 3:00--Cons. Semi: Ty Kvanvig (Mullen) over Kayden Stubbs (Maxwell)  •  Fall 0:33--3rd Place Match: Wyatt Haverluck (Meridian) over Ty Kvanvig (Mullen)  •  Fall 0:37

D220 - Clayton Hassett - State Champion--Champ. Round 1: Clayton Hassett (Mullen) over Kaden Dady (Brady)  •  Fall 2:49--Quarterfinal:Clayton Hassett (Mullen) over Braden Klover (Southern)  •  MD 14-5 --Semifinal: Clayton Hassett (Mullen) over Collin Gale (Plainview)  •  TB-1 4-2--1st Place Match: Clayton Hassett (Mullen) over Luke Howitt (Maxwell)  •  SV-1 5-3

North Platte

A126 - Jaylan Ruffin - 2nd Place Finish--Champ. Round 1: Jaylan Ruffin (North Platte) over Nate Hartman (Millard West)  •  Dec 4-2--Quarterfinal: Jaylan Ruffin (North Platte) over Jose Hinz (Lincoln Southeast)  •  Fall 1:57--Semifinal: Jaylan Ruffin (North Platte) over Rylie Steele (Kearney)  •  Dec 4-3--1st Place Match: Blake Cushing (Grand Island) over Jaylan Ruffin (North Platte)  •  Fall 5:30

A132 - Darian Diaz - 3rd Place Finish--Champ. Round 1: Darian Diaz (North Platte) over Luke Andres (Lincoln Pius X)  •  TF-1.5 4:36 (17-2)--Quarterfinal: Darian Diaz (North Platte) over Gabriel Grice (Omaha Central)  •  MD 10-0--Semifinal: Conor Knopick (Millard South) over Darian Diaz (North Platte)  •  Dec 2-1--Cons. Semi: Darian Diaz (North Platte) over Nic Swift (Lincoln East)  •  Fall 3:33--3rd Place Match: Darian Diaz (North Platte) over Daniel Derosier (Bellevue East)  •  Dec 4-1

A145 - Raymen Riley - Eliminated in Cons. Round 2--Champ. Round 1: Raymen Riley (North Platte) over Nick Groth (Elkhorn South)  •  Fall 4:33--Quarterfinal: Ray Hubbard (Omaha Central) over Raymen Riley (North Platte)  •  Fall 0:16--Cons. Round 2: Coleton Haggin (Papillion-LaVista) over Raymen Riley (North Platte)  •  Dec 3-1

A152 - Luke Rathjen - Eliminated in Cons. Round 2--Champ. Round 1: Luke Rathjen (North Platte) over Parker Harrahill (Elkhorn)  •  Dec 7-5--Quarterfinal: Gauge Mcbride (Kearney) over Luke Rathjen (North Platte)  •  MD 11-3--Cons. Round 2: Ayden Welch (Elkhorn South) over Luke Rathjen (North Platte)  •  Dec 7-2

A182 - Gavyn Brauer - State Champion--Champ. Round 1: Gavyn Brauer (North Platte) over Henry Thomsen (Elkhorn South)  •  Fall 5:07--Quarterfinal: Gavyn Brauer (North Platte) over Cole d. Haberman (Omaha Westside)  •  Fall 4:51--Semifinal: Gavyn Brauer (North Platte) over Ian Byington (Millard South)  •  Fall 2:27--1st Place Match: Gavyn Brauer (North Platte) over Anthony Deanda (Columbus)  •  Dec 8-5

North Platte St. Pats

D132 - Hunter Deeds - Eliminated in Cons. Round 1--Champ. Round 1: Garrett Latimer (Southwest) over Hunter Deeds (NP St. Patrick`s)  •  TF-1.5 4:00 (15-0)--Cons. Round 1: John Tenbensel (Cambridge) over Hunter Deeds (NP St. Patrick`s)  •  Dec 15-8

D170 - Talan McGill - 3rd Place Finish--Champ. Round 1: Talan Mcgill (NP St. Patrick`s) over Hunter Green (Meridian)  •  Dec 7-0--Quarterfinal: Talan Mcgill (NP St. Patrick`s) over Hunter Arehart (Ansley-Litchfield)  •  Fall 1:31--Semifinal: Alizae Mejia (Plainview) over Talan Mcgill (North Platte St. Pat`s)  •  Dec 6-4--Cons. Semi: Talan Mcgill (North Platte St. Pat`s) over Wyatt Hegemann (Howells-Dodge)  •  Fall 2:09--3rd Place Match: Talan Mcgill (North Platte St. Pat`s) over Hunter Arehart (Ansley-Litchfield)  •  Dec 7-3

D182 - Justin Schroll - Eliminated in Cons. Round 1--Champ. Round 1: Cash Meier (Guardian Angels CC) over Justin Schroll (NP St. Patrick`s)  •  Fall 6:25--Cons. Round 1: Lucas Hammer (Plainview) over Justin Schroll (NP St. Patrick`s)  •  Fall 1:44

D195 - Landon Nichols - Eliminated Cons. Round 1--Champ. Round 1: Carl Mundt (Nebraska Christian) over Landon Nichols (NP St. Patrick`s)  •  Fall 1:34--Cons. Round 1: Sid Miller (Anselmo-Merna) over Landon Nichols (NP St. Patrick`s)  •  Dec 5-0


B145 - Gage Stokey - 5th Place Finish--Champ. Round 1: Gage Stokey (Ogallala) over Jett Samuelson (Hastings)  •  Dec 7-2--Quarterfinal: Gage Stokey (Ogallala) over Tanner Schneiderheinz (Central City)  •  Dec 6-4--Semifinal: Sean Martin (Seward) over Gage Stokey (Ogallala)  •  Dec 5-2--Cons. Semi: Noah Talmadge (Ralston) over Gage Stokey (Ogallala)  •  MD 10-0 --5th Place Match: Gage Stokey (Ogallala) over Treven Melroy (Holdrege)  •  MD 11-3

B152 - Cameron Zink - 4th Place Finish--Champ. Round 1: Cameron Zink (Ogallala) over Alex Luttig (Arlington)  •  Fall 1:27--Quarterfinal: Elliot Steinhoff (Platteview) over Cameron Zink (Ogallala)  •  Fall 1:39--Cons. Round 2: Cameron Zink (Ogallala) over Jarrett Koch (Beatrice)  •  MD 14-3--Cons. Round 3: Cameron Zink (Ogallala) over Josh Colgrove (Plattsmouth)  •  Dec 6-5--Cons. Semi: Cameron Zink (Ogallala) over Mason Brumbaugh (Hastings)  •  MD 18-6 --3rd Place Match: Peyten Walling (Wahoo) over Cameron Zink (Ogallala)  •  Fall 2:57

B170 - Brock Skinner - 4th Place Finish--Champ. Round 1: Brock Skinner (Ogallala) over Landon Ternus (Col. Lakeview)  •  Fall 1:56--Quarterfinal: Brock Skinner (Ogallala) over Brett Tinker (Pierce)  •  Dec 18-12--Semifinal: Evan Canoyer (Waverly) over Brock Skinner (Ogallala)  •  Dec 7-5--Cons. Semi: Brock Skinner (Ogallala) over Brody Nelson (Beatrice)  •  Dec 5-2--3rd Place Match: Brady Robb (Sidney) over Brock Skinner (Ogallala)  •  MD 14-4

Sandhills / Thedford

D160 - Reece Zutavern- 2nd Place Finish--Champ. Round 1: Reece Zutavern (Sand H./Thedford) over Remington Gay (Palmer)  •  Fall 5:54--Quarterfinal: Reece Zutavern (Sand H./Thedford) over Derek Gibson (Maxwell)  •  Dec 8-7--Semifinal: Reece Zutavern (Sandhills/Thedford) over Jarrett Parsons (High Plains Community)  •  Dec 3-2--1st Place Match: Blake Racicky (Ansley-Litchfield) over Reece Zutavern (Sandhills/Thedford)  •  Dec 8-5

D182 - Bryan Zutavern - 3rd Place Finish--Champ. Round 1: Bryan Zutavern (Sand H./Thedford) over Justin Kuta (Palmer)  •  Fall 1:08 --Quarterfinal:Bryan Zutavern (Sand H./Thedford) over Dawson Kaup (Neligh-Oakdale)  •  Fall 3:55 --Semifinal: Daylan Russell (Alma) over Bryan Zutavern (Sandhills/Thedford)  •  Dec 4-2--Cons. Semi: Bryan Zutavern (Sandhills/Thedford) over Cash Meier (Guardian Angels Central C)  •  Dec 4-1--3rd Place Match: Bryan Zutavern (Sandhills/Thedford) over Kolby Larson (Ansley-Litchfield)  •  Dec 6-2

D195 - Reed McFadden- Eliminated Cons. Round 2--Champ. Round 1: Reed Mcfadden (Sand H./Thedford) over Chase Swartwood (Elm Creek)  •  Fall 5:45--Quarterfinal:Wyatt Haverluck (Meridian) over Reed Mcfadden (Sand H./Thedford)  •  MD 14-1--Cons. Round 2: Kayden Stubbs (Maxwell) over Reed Mcfadden (Sandhills/Thedford)  •  Dec 9-2

D285 - Brayton Branic - Eliminated in Cons. Round 2--Champ. Round 1: Payton Christiancy (Superior) over Brayton Branic (Sand H./Thedford)  •  Fall 6:00--Cons. Round 1: Brayton Branic (Sand H./Thedford) over Bryson Shoemaker (Southwest)  •  Fall 4:24--Cons. Round 2: Carson Fehlhafer (Centennial) over Brayton Branic (Sandhills/Thedford)  •  Fall 4:30


D126 - Samuel Foster - 3rd Place Finish--Champ. Round 1: Samuel Foster (Sutherland) over Rafe Grebin (Summerland)  •  Fall 3:15--Quarterfinal: Samuel Foster (Sutherland) over Javier Marino (High Plains)  •  Fall 3:16--Semifinal: Gaven Schernikau (Centennial) over Samuel Foster (Sutherland)  •  Dec 6-2--Cons. Semi: Samuel Foster (Sutherland) over Josh Spatz (East Butler)  •  Fall 3:36--3rd Place Match: Samuel Foster (Sutherland) over Adam Miller (Elkhorn Valley)  •  Dec 4-2

D132 - Jon Peterka - 6th Place Finish--Champ. Round 1: Art Escalante (Winside) over Jon Peterka (Sutherland)  •  TF-1.5 5:35 (18-3)--Cons. Round 1: Jon Peterka (Sutherland) over Carson Mason (South Loup)  •  TF-1.5 3:58 (15-0)--Cons. Round 2: Jon Peterka (Sutherland) over Carson Gruntorad (Elm Creek)  •  MD 13-4--Cons. Round 3: Jon Peterka (Sutherland) over Keagan Mosel (Plainview)  •  Fall 3:38--5th Place Match: Ryan Payne (Centennial) over Jon Peterka (Sutherland)  •  Dec 9-5

D170 - Gavin White - Eliminated in Cons. Round 2--Champ. Round 1: Gavin White (Sutherland) over Conor Dempsey (Neligh-Oakdale)  •  Fall 4:53--Quarterfinal: Dylan Soule (High Plains) over Gavin White (Sutherland)  •  Fall 1:28--Cons. Round 2: Wyatt Hegemann (Howells-Dodge) over Gavin White (Sutherland)  •  Fall 1:29