Feb 28, 2024

"Paws on the Platte Community Art" this weekend

Posted Feb 28, 2024 3:22 PM

Paws-itive Partners

Saturday, March 2, 2024, a pack of dogs will be arriving in North Platte for Paws-itive Partners’ “Paws on the Platte Community Art.” Project sponsors, artists and 23 fiberglass dog statues will gather for a Meet and Greet at 1:30 pm at Pro Printing and Graphics in North Platte. Area businesses and individuals have sponsored the dog statues and area artists are donating their time and talent to paint the life-size dog statues.

“2018 was the first year we had Paws on the Platte. We expected it to be a one-time event but before that evening was over, we received requests to do it again. Paws on the Platte returned in 2021, and here we are again in 2024,” said Paws-itive Partners president and co-planner Jo Mayber. “Past Paws on the Platte events have been so much fun. Planning the event and meeting new people is fun but watching artists transform their dog statues into true artistic masterpieces is especially wonderful. Having the community embrace Paws on the Platte in the past has been amazing and we hope to reenact that in 2024,” Mayber said.

“This year’s dog statues are much different than the other two years. The dogs are realistic and posed in a fun, play bow position. We haven’t seen the dogs and waiting until the Meet and Greet has added to the excitement,” said Paws-itive Partners vice president and co-planner Sandy Deidel. Artists will take their dog statue home after Saturday’s Meet and Greet and have two months to paint and bring their dog to life, Deidel said. In May, the one-of-a-kind dogs will debut at Prairie Arts Center and then appear at different locations in North Platte until the Paws on the Platte live auction finale. The Paws on the Platte public auction will be July 26 at Pals Brewing Company.

Paws on the Platte is hosted by Paws-itive Partners. Proceeds from selling the dog statues at the auction benefit dogs and cats in this area.

Paws-itive Partners is a North Platte non-profit humane organization serving animals in the area. Paws-itive Partners’ focus is helping pets with the greatest needs by providing spay/neuter programs, food for hungry pets, emergency veterinary care, urgent-need housing for pets, and more.