May 26, 2023

Flooding near Stratton, Wauneta and Benkelman keeps highway 61 closed potentially for days

Posted May 26, 2023 7:09 PM

Dundy County Sheriff's Office

BENKELMAN, Neb -  The Dundy County Sherriff's office in Benkelman is asking motorists not to travel Highway 34 and 61. The following was a message sent out over social media earlier Friday.

The latest update is from NDOT. Hwy 34 is open now. However they ask you do not travel it unless absolutely necessary. The bridge outside of Stratton has not been checked for structural integrity, and as you can see the damage that has already happened to the tracks along side of it. Hwy 61 remains underwater at CR 719 and is expected to remain under water for a few days as the water is standing and not flowing.

After revealing the roadway it will have to be inspected for safety as well due to the pickup was originally sitting on the road surface. Max-Wauneta Road has lost the bridge and will remain closed to thru traffic until repaired. Remember, you cannot see what is under the water so always use extreme caution when dealing with water or areas near the water. Also, with this amount of rain it is always possible the ground under the roadways could give out with traffic.