Feb 28, 2024

72 % of wildfires contained near North Platte, response continues

Posted Feb 28, 2024 12:47 AM

By Nebraska Emergency Management Agency

As of 4:00 pm CST on February 27th, the Betty’s Way Fire in Lincoln and Custer Counties is 71,022 acres. Fire managers are continuously assessing the work performed and updating the containment. Containment on the fire is estimated to be 72%. One primary residence was destroyed, one primary residence was damaged, and numerous outbuildings have been destroyed. Currently, there are no evacuation orders in place.

We are working with ranchers, farmers and residents to address any unmet needs. Fire managers are actively working with the American Red Cross and various state agencies to aid those affected by the Betty’s Way Fire. If you were impacted by the fire, please contact:

• United States Department of Agriculture- 308-534-2360

• Natural Resources Conservation Services- 308-535-8080

• Salvation Army- 308-532-2038

• American Red Cross- 1-833-583-3111

Donations can be directed to the local Salvation Army.

The Nebraska State Fire Marshal’s Agency has determined the fire was human caused, resulting from mowing operations.

For questions or information please contact Betty’s Way Incident Command Post and Region 51 Emergency

Management at 308-520-7230 or [email protected].