Jun 02, 2024

Race Results from Lincoln County Raceway (Saturday, June 1)

Posted Jun 02, 2024 2:33 PM

North Platte, Ne - The weather stayed south of North Platte Saturday night and the crowd was treated to a great night of races at the Lincoln County Raceway. The next racing in North Platte will be on June 28 with the Sandhills Shootout Summer Nationals when URSS Sprint Cars & RMMRA Midgets and Dwarfs along with the local divistions will all put on a show on the Lincoln County Raceway dirt.

Below are the results from BST Promotions.

DIRTcar Late Models - A Feature 1 (Results): 1-Joe Bellm 2-Don Geist 3-Denton Duncan 4-Bryan Molt 5-Kelly Yutterman 6-Kyle Hill 7-Chris Hoff

Modifieds - A Feature 1 (Results): 1-Dave Pedersen 2-Ronnie Wallace 3-Dillon Schultz 4-Brandon Clough 5- Trevor Geist 6-Dewain Coleman 7-Tanner Clough 8-Ayden Steffens 9- Jacob Tobey 10-Troy Seidl 11-Tucker Stevens 12-Anthony Rhoades

Stockcars - A Feature 1 (Results): 1-Joseph Cooper 2-Kyle Clough 3-Josh Weekley 4-Quinton Yutterman 5-Mike Earll 6-Layne Bellm 7-Jacob Wolsleben 8-Bryan Herrick 9-Kyle Brennan 10-Rick Maier 11-Russ Small(Jr) 12-Brian Shaw 13-Johnny Yutterman 14-David Murray 15-Robert Leonard 16-Austin Rhoades

IMCA Northern SportMod - A Feature 1 (Results): 1-Troy Bayne 2-Joseph Cooper 3-Chad Dolan 4-Jacob Olmstead 5-Lane Heil 6-Hunter Smith 7-Kerry Jones 8-Frank Ogden 9-Chris O'Connor 10-Austin Johnson 11-Kendrick Chapman

Hobby Stocks - A Feature 1 (Results): 1-Tyler Thompson 2-Dillon Thompson 3-Zach Olmstead 4-Paxton Stubbs 5-Brayden Hurley 6-Tanner Jones 7-Robbie Kosmacek 8-Rob Durfee 9-Chuck Ledbetter 10-Jim Moore 11-Mike Taylor 12-Colt Gibbs 13-Trent Matson 14-Tylan Lambertus

Compacts - A Feature 1 (Results): 1-Rileigh Flohrs 2-Brock Leibhart 3-Carson Lange 4-Robert Clanton 5-Anthony Simants 6-Josh Lambertus 

Warriors - A Feature 1 (Results): 1-Jonus Aragon 2-JD Renfro 3-Briana Worthington 4-Brandon Eller 5-Julie Gordon 6-Joe Renfro 7-Johnathan Renfro 8-Frank Ogden