Sep 18, 2023

Paws-itive Partners Love My Cat

Posted Sep 18, 2023 4:00 PM

Paws-itive Partners 

Paws-itive Partners Humane Society, Inc. is sponsoring its twice-yearly Lower Income Love My Cat Month in October 2023. Since 2011, Paws-itive Partners and veterinary clinics in North Platte and Sutherland have worked together with Lower Income Love My Cat. This program makes spaying and neutering financially feasible to lower income cat owners.

Beginning September 21, lower income pet owners can sign up for Love My Cat by calling Marcia Eaton at 308-520-1095 or Jo Mayber at 308-530-1516. The lower income cat owner will be given a Love My Cat pet ID number and then a veterinary clinic to schedule their cats’ spay/neuter appointment with. Up to three cats per person or household will be accepted. Cat owners are encouraged to get signed up as soon as possible so they don’t miss deadlines or delays.

“Cats and kittens suffer because of homelessness and uncontrolled reproduction but if you have a cat or kitten, there’s no financial excuse not to spay/neuter with Love My Cat. There’s no one that can’t budget $35 to help their pet. Skip a drive-thru meal and save for Love My Cat,” said Jo Mayber, Paws-itive Partners president and co-facilitator of Love My Cat. “Spay/neuter is the single most cost-effective opportunity for an owner to provide life-long care for their cat.”

Mayber reminds people that Love My Cat focuses on lower income cat owners. “Love My Cat is a very important program but costly. It is Paws-itive Partners’ largest expense and costs $24,000 annually. In addition to Lower Income Love My Cat, Paws-itive Partners helps cats and dogs year-round. Among other programs, in 2022, Paws-itive Partners helped spay and neuter more than 700 pets. Paws-itive Partners relies on fundraising, donations and volunteerism to care for animals.