Jan 25, 2024

PODCAST - Youth Inspired Philanthropy Project

Posted Jan 25, 2024 8:00 PM

Sandhills Post 

Ogallala - The Youth Inspired Philanthropy Project hosted by the Keith County Foundations Fund is excited to see growth in the project as they head into their 4th year. Applications are open and are due on February 20th (click here for the application). The showcase will take place February 22nd from 5:00pm MT - 6:30pm MT at the Kathleen Lute Public Library in Ogallala. 

The showcase is open to area students from 3rd - 12th grade. Students can work alone, with friends, or work in groups, club or class. 10 winners can win up to $1,000 to complete a project. If you would like to visit last year's project, click here. 

Post News Director Canon Rath had the chance to catch up with Barb Jeffres and Mary Jensen to talk about the Youth Inspired Philanthropy project. If you would like to learn more in depth about this upcoming event, check out the podcast below.