Nov 04, 2023

PODCAST - Pryce Gette Silent Auction & Benefit Dinner

Posted Nov 04, 2023 2:00 PM

Post news director Canon Rath chatted with Lisa Kraus, Danielle McGuire and Kelly Coggins about the upcoming Pryce Gette Silent Auction and Benefit Dinner going on November 17th.

Ogallala - The Pryce Gette Silent Auction & Benefit Dinner is going on November 17th at the Crandall Creek Golf Club in Ogallala. The free will donation event will open the doors at 5pm mountain time with Cocktail Hour as dinner will began serving at 6pm mountain. The event will feature a sloppy joe meal, silent auction and raffle tickets.

8-year-old Pryce Gette was injured in a rollover car accident on Oct. 16th and is currently at the Children's Hospital in Denver. The proceeds from the fundraiser event will help cover expense costs on Gette's road to recovery. If you would like to follow Pryce progress, you can on To preview auction items, you can follow on Facebook at "Pryce Gette Silent Auction & Benefit Dinner"

To learn a more in-depth of the Pryce Gette Benefit Dinner & Silent Auction, Gette's story and updates, check out the podcast above.