Dec 08, 2022

🎧Housing concerns remain, Habitat gets big win at North Platte City Council Meeting

Posted Dec 08, 2022 2:37 PM
Mayor Kelliher
Mayor Kelliher

North Platte Post

NORTH PLATTE, Neb.-With growth comes the need for room to grow, and that lack of room is on the mind of North Platte City Council members.

With the completion of Sustainable Beef, the Hershy Rail Park, District 177, and other economic development projects underway, now is the time to prepare for future growth.

"As our community grows because of the exciting economic development opportunities we have, we have a chance to do it the very best we can and make it go as smoothly for everyone," said Mayor Brandon Kelliher. "Are we going to get everything perfect, probably not, but if we don't try to do something to get things corrected, we're definitely going to have a large mess in our future."

At Tuesday's City Council meeting, the council renewed a contract with Marvin Consultants to update the city's current housing study at a cost of about $35,000.

"If we are going to apply for any grants at the state or federal level, you have to have a fairly recent housing study and fairly recent means within three years," said Mayor Kelliher.

Mayor Kelliher said the last study does not fall within that three-year window, prompting the need for an updated study.

Mayor Kelliher said the Council and the city will continue to work to avoid any future issues with housing.

Also, as last night's meeting, the North Platte Area Habitat for Humanity received approval to complete a project on lots at 2nd and McCabe Streets.

Mayor Kelliher said the approval will allow Habitat to construct a "neighborhood" of homes.

"One of the most exciting things that have happened in a long time has to do with Habitat being able to start creating an actual neighborhood," said Mayor Kelliher. "The thought is if they put these folks in neighborhoods that is relatively close to each other, they'll be able to help each other, and you get a real neighborhood environment.

Last night's approval will allow habitat to construct a road through the lots and 2nd and McCabe, doubling the number of homes that can be built.

Habitat received high praise from council member Ty Lucas and several other members.

Also, at last night's meeting, Shae Caldwell provided an update on the Parkade Plaza project, which was the recipient of Quality Growth Funds, and Gary Person gave an exciting update on the Hershey rail park.

The Council also authorized Lakeside Campground to construct storage units for recreational vehicles.

Listen to Mayor Kelliher's full recap with Scotty on Good Morning North Platte here:

View the video of last night's meeting HERE.

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