Jun 03, 2020 2:37 PM

馃帶 Post Podcast: Protesting peacefully in North Platte

Posted Jun 03, 2020 2:37 PM

UPDATE 6/3/20 3:15 pm

Statement from the Platte River Mall:

"On behalf of the owner and management of Platte River Mall, we apologize for the miscommunication regarding the PEACEFUL assembly that was planned to begin at the mall. The reaction was based on business obligations, insurance limitations, and tenant concerns. We have since spoken to Chief Hudson with the North Platte Police Department in an attempt to COMMUNICATE and clear up misunderstanding, express our RESPECT for the right of Americans to peacefully protest, and express our TRUST in him and North Platte law enforcement to facilitate harmony in the community. We are blessed to have a community of peace and we hope the relocated event brings out the best in all North Platte citizens."

. . .

Note: In the original story, the Peace Walk was to begin in the Platte River Mall parking lot. After the story was published, organizers were contacted by mall representatives, via the North Platte Police Department, and told they could not begin their protest in their parking lot. Organizers have stressed that the protest will be peaceful. The walk will now begin in the parking lot of Harvest Christian Fellowship, 1501 South Dewey. We have reached out to Platte River Mall representatives for comment.

Scotty C. and Rob Mitchell discuss the Peace Walk coming up in North Platte on Sunday, June 7. The walk will start at 2:30 pm in the Harvest Christian Fellowship parking lot.