Feb 10, 2023

🎧 Meet Mike Pilakowski , Arthur County’s Kow Man

Posted Feb 10, 2023 7:26 PM

written & podcast by Derek Beck/Eagle Communications

Arthur, Ne - When you grow up in a large family you don't always get to be the child that follows in to the family business, but for Arthur rancher Mike Pilakowski his dream eventually reality. Meet Mike Pilakowski, Arthur County's "Kow" man, pun definetly intended. Pilakowski grew up in the Genoa area, wound up in Valentine and now he and his family who  were partners with Sam Carter Family Angus, formed Pilakowski Angus in 2019.

Mike, Melissa, Dane, Colton and Madelyn Pilakowski
Mike, Melissa, Dane, Colton and Madelyn Pilakowski

Enjoy the conversation with Eagle's Derek Beck and the "Kow" Man, Mike Pilakowski.

The Pilakowski Angus Sale is Monday, February 13th at the Ranch 5 miles east of Arthur. See Catalogue here