Aug 29, 2023

(Audio) Support Our Schools - Conversation with Jenni Benson

Posted Aug 29, 2023 6:00 PM
<a href="">Post Podcast Sponsored By North Platte Kubota</a>
Post Podcast Sponsored By North Platte Kubota

North Platte Post News Director talked with Nebraska State Education President Jenni Benson about the Support Our Schools campaign. 

NORTH PLATTE, NEB. - The Support Our Schools campaign have been out gathering signatures the past 90 days to try to get the bill LB 753 on the 2024 ballot so Nebraska votes can vote on the bill. LB753 is the opportunity scholarship act and commits $50 million in tax credits for scholarships to kids across Nebraska with priority for scholarships going to kids who live in poverty, foster care, experience bullying, harassment, or other victimizing behaviors, or have a parent or guardian who is serving in the military. 

Support our schools is against the bill as they favor public tax dollars should stay with public schools, not private schools. The signatures will be delivered Wednesday, August 30th at 9 am to the Secretary of State's Election Office. To learn more about Support Our Schools, check out the podcast above.