Aug 24, 2023

(Audio) Hershey Fall Festival - Conversation #2 with Justin Petska

Posted Aug 24, 2023 9:00 PM
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Post Podcast Sponsored By North Platte Kubota

North Platte Post News Director Canon Rath talked with Justin Petska about the upcoming Hershey Fall Festival this weekend in Hershey.  

NORTH PLATTE, NEB. - The Hershey Fall Festival is set to begin this Friday and the event will run through Saturday. Even though Saturday is the main day for activities, there are all activities all weekend long. The activities are geared for everyone of all ages to enjoy.   

The town and residents are ready to welcome guests into its community to celebrate its yearly fest. "We are ready to go, It's a big deal that we kind of built up all year and now the week is here, and we can't wait to get started and share a little bit of Hershey with everyone," said Justin Petska.  

The parade will kick things off Saturday in downtown Hershey. With events all day, wrapping up the evening is the Muscadine Bloodline concert with guest Drew Philips. "The concert will wrap up the event that night," said Petska. "It's right on main street and feel free to bring your own chair."  

You can check out the podcast above if you'd like to learn more about the Hershey Fall Festival. If you would like to purchase tickets to the concert, click here.