Mar 22, 2023

🎙️ Architect for rec center, pool revamp chosen by North Platte council

Posted Mar 22, 2023 2:56 PM

North Platte Post

At its meeting Tuesday, the North Platte City Council advanced the effort to remodel the Recreation Center and Cody Pool by choosing an architect to lead the project.

Omaha-based RDG Planning & Design was chosen to lead the remodeling and expansion projects.

"RDG brings a wealth of expertise to the project, boasting 30 years of experience in the planning and design of sports and recreational facilities across the region, including facilities in Kearney and Omaha<' the city said in a release Wednesday. "RDG recognizes the integral part that local architects and contractors play, and has assembled a project team with numerous North Platte businesses and connections."

“As the city reviewed the outstanding candidates that proposed to undertake this project, we were committed to making a decision that focused on three criteria,” said Mayor Brandon Kelliher. “First, we wanted to make the wisest use of funds. Next, we wanted to work with a firm who is a leader in sports and recreational facilities. Lastly, we wanted to ensure that our outstanding local businesses were utilized during the design and construction process. RDG has demonstrated that their vision and priorities for the execution of this project align with these criteria.” 

RDG is partnering with local architects and contractors on the project team. North Platte Architects, Steele’s Roofing & Construction, T.C. Engineering Inc., and Wayne Dowhower Construction Inc., are all on the project team, in addition to:

• Sampson Construction for cost estimating
• Engineering Technologies Inc. for mechanical and electrical engineering
• Performance Engineering for structural engineering
•Aquatic Design Consultants Inc. for swimming pool consulting

Two of ETI’s engineers assigned to the project are North Platte natives. 

The design process will continue through early 2024, with anticipated construction set to begin early in the second quarter of 2024. 

The process of accepting bids for the project began in January of 2023, after North Platte voters approved a temporary half-cent sales tax increase in November of 2022. The additional sales tax will go into effect this spring and will help raise $52.5 million to make improvements at the Recreation Center and Cody Pool, as well as relocate the Skate Park. 

Cover image, City of North Platte